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America's leading co-op plan

Our 401(k) plans for cooperatives feature quick response, solid performance, and high quality.

Plan members: our ultimate customer

Each plan faces the needs of the member, our ultimate customer. Convenient online transfers, exchanges, and account management, together with a variety of investment options and personal service, help members grow their 401(k)s toward retirement.

Fast administration and reporting

With Milliman's affordable, quick-to-administer plan for cooperatives, sponsoring a 401(k) is easy. Online plan management makes account installation and adminstrative tasks effortless and provides 24/7 access to documents, forms, and reports.

Timely information for members

Educational publications provide plan participants with timely retirement planning and investment news, and employee benefit news for the cooperative industry.


 Total Retirement Readiness

Use PlanAhead for Retirement and include your pension benefits to help project a more complete retirement readiness picture. For more information, log on to

Plan Fiduciaries and You  

As a Plan Sponsor, are you a fiduciary?

The simple answer is yes. When employers  take the steps to implement, continue, terminate or amend their plan, the employer has become a fiduciary. To put it simply, by sponsoring a 401(k) plan, you are a fiduciary. Learn more about Fiduciary Responsibility.

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