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InvestMapTM is an age-appropriate investment allocation approach using the Co-op 401(k) Plan’s underlying investment funds. These age-based asset allocations begin when you first enroll in the Plan and continue through your working years and into retirement. To enroll in InvestMap, you simply make a one-time election that sets you on a path designed to get the most out of your retirement plan savings.

How does it work?

InvestMap is based on the investment strategy of investing more of your account in stocks versus bonds when you are younger and have a longer time to invest. This allows the stocks, which historically have higher long-term returns than bonds, to work for you for a longer period of time. The longer time period also allows you to better absorb any risk associated with stock investing. As the years pass and you near retirement, InvestMap will automatically invest an increasing portion of your portfolio into fixed income, bond and short-term investments. This will help reduce risk.

The Co-op 401(k) Plan worked with Agri-Invest to construct 5 different InvestMap allocations. These different allocations allow you to personalize your retirement strategy. For example, if you enroll in InvestMap as a 40-year old, the default moderate allocation consists of a stock/equity exposure of 60%. If you chose to do so, you can select a more Conservative or Aggressive allocation than the Moderate allocation with a stock/equity exposure as high as 80% or as low as 40%.

Who determines the InvestMap Allocations?

The InvestMap allocations were developed by a team of professional investment experts. InvestMap is designed to provide an adequate return for a reasonable amount of risk over each age-based time period. The allocation development process incorporates the financial concepts of the efficient frontier and the risk and reward trade-off. These concepts assume long-term investment time horizons and use historical rates of return, investment risk measures and asset class correlations. The InvestMap allocations do not try to time the market and may not be suitable for short-term investors. However, the InvestMap allocations may be adjusted periodically to account for changes in market conditions and to reflect current market deviations from what are believed to be historical norms. In developing the InvestMap allocations, market history of up to 75 years is taken into account.

Please note: Past performance is no guarantee for future results.

Total Retirement Readiness

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