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About the Co-op Plan

The Milliman Co-op 401(k) Plan is offered to cooperatives seeking high quality, low-cost retirement benefits for their employees. The plan features a variety of funds and investment options, personal service, anytime online account access, and world-class investment guidance.

Founded in 1970s by the Farmers Central Exchange, the plan has matured from a thrift savings plan into America’s leading 401(k) plan for cooperatives. Milliman has administered the plan since 1995; since that time, the plan has grown significantly.

  1995 Today
Number of cooperatives 300 359
Number of states 13 24
Number of participants 5,000 21,000

An easy-to-administer, affordable 401(k) plan

The Co-op 401(k) Plan centralized online system keeps costs down, while minimizing paperwork and management for cooperative managers. Milliman also fully and fairly discloses all fees associated with the Plan and continually renegotiates the fee schedule under the program. Each cooperative is offered the same high-quality plan. There are no special deals for any cooperatives; program growth results in fee reductions for our customers.

Educational programs for growing retirement funds

Milliman wants each plan participant to feel comfortable with their plan and understand their responsibility to participate in planning for retirement. Each participant is given access to educational materials, seminars and meetings, personal service, and accurate records. Portability features also allow participants to follow a career path through the cooperative system without a discontinuity in retirement benefits.

The mission of the Co-op 401(k) Plan Fiduciary Board is to enhance the long-term financial security of employees of the cooperative system throughout the country by arranging for high quality and reasonably-priced retirement savings vehicles.  

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